Crest Environmental Pty Ltd (Crest), founded in 2009, provides niche services in environmental engineering, carbon management and natural resource management.


Crest values innovation to meet current and projected environmental challenges, and to achieve improved environmental outcomes.    

In the regenerative agriculture and carbon farming space, Crest builds on hands on experience gained in agricultural projects in this area. This includes work under the ERF (Emissions Reduction Fund) carbon faming HIR program. The benefits of improved soil management in carbon sequestration, landscape resilience, ecological function and food quality are tangible.

In environmental engineering projects, Crest works with EPC / EPCM engineering consultancies, predominantly in natural gas, including greenfield and brownfield projects. Building on many years’ project experience, Crest undertakes environmental risk assessment and risk management, erosion and drainage assessment, ENVID and ALARP studies, environmental performance standard assessment, environmental advisory, and construction / implementation environmental management.

In natural resource management and landscape restoration, Crest works with a range of clients on projects including environmental management planning, waste management process improvement, revegetation and landscape restoration, erosion /sedimentation control planning, as examples.