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Environmental Engineering & Risk Management 

Greenfield and Brownfield environmental engineering and risk management services for project development (design) and implementation phases:

  • Environmental Basis of Design Development, Engineering design review

  • Environmental risk assessment (ENVID) / HAZID study facilitation and reporting

  • Environmental management plans and procedures

  • ALARP risk assessments / demonstration

  • Installation manual / Workpack review

  • Emissions and discharges registers

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Subcontractor management.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)


Crest has established experience in the development and implementation of EMSs compliant to ISO14001 standards for varied clients.

This includes the following EMS components:

  • Environment Policy

  • Environmental Objectives and Targets

  • Environment and HSE Risk Assessment

  • Legal and Other Obligations Registers

  • Environmental Management Plans

  • Audit & inspection programs

  • Incident reporting and corrective action tracking programs.

Natural Resource Management & Conservation


Crest works with a range of clients such as catchment councils, local and State Government, not-for-profit organisations and Community Groups.


Services include:

  • Environment management plans

  • Landscape restoration / revegetation

  • Environmental Management system development and implementation

  • Coordination of flora and fauna surveys

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Fire management planning

  • Vegetation management services

  • GIS services.

Building Energy Assessments

Crest completes energy efficiency assessments, using NatHERS accredited modelling software. Energy efficiency assessments are required for all new homes and additions in Australia.

Building on many years’ experience in environmental engineering and consultancy, Crest also provides advice as required to improve energy efficiency in design and construction through the application of key principles such as solar passive design and operational energy optimisation.

Environmental Management Documentation


Crest has prepared and implemented the following for varied clients:

  • Environment Management Plans &  Environment Manuals  for project personnel to facilitate in field compliance

  • Biosecurity & Quarantine Management Plans and systems

  • Waste / Garbage / Liquid Discharge Management Plans (MARPOL / Marine Orders compliance)

  • Noise Management Plans (including marine fauna)

  • Marine Fauna Interaction Management Plans.

  • Emissions Wastes and Discharges Registers


Inspection, audit and vessel mobilization


Organisations, including operators, contractors and Government Agencies frequently require independent parties to carry out audits to demonstrate compliance with environmental standards, requirements, and project approvals.


Crest has experience in this third party inspection and audit services, including on vessels and on facilities. The development of tailored documentation and checklists is included in the service. 

Environment Plans (EP),
Oil Pollution Emergency Plans

Crest has successfully gained acceptance for EPs and OSCP / OPEPs for varied projects, at a time when NOPSEMA set very demanding standards. Crest is abreast of recent changes regarding the streamlining of the environmental assessment process pertaining to the assessment of petroleum activities in Commonwealth waters.


Crest works with Commonwealth and State Government regulators to acquire project approvals as required, including systems to implement approvals requirements.



Crest provides tailored environmental training packages to workforce personnel as required.


This includes the preparation of Induction, Toolbox,  HSE Awareness, and environmental risk management training courses. 


Specialist training has also been developed as required, for example Marine Mammal Observer training. Crest can provide experienced MMOs / MFOs for offshore marine fauna monitoring programs and tailored marine fauna identification training packages for required vessel personnel (i.e. Vessel Management Team and installation personnel).